Customizations for page

In neetoSite, you can easily customize the name and URL of your pages. Follow these steps to tailor your pages to your preferences:

Customizing page name and URL:

  1. Click on the "Pages" pane to open a dedicated interface.

  2. After creating a page, click on the page name and URL to edit them as needed.

Copying blocks to another Page:

  1. Create a new page from the pages pane.

  2. Navigate to the previous page containing the block you want to copy.

  3. Hover over the block, click the "Forward" icon, and select the desired page from the dropdown.

Reordering pages:

  1. Add more than one page from the pages pane.

  2. Once added, the "Reorder" button at the top right will be enabled. Click on "Reorder" to access the reordering section.

  3. Drag the "Reorder" icon to organize pages according to your preference.

  4. Click on the "Save changes" button to save the updated page order.